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Session 2019

Session 2019

Session 2019Session 2019Session 2019

The upcoming General Constituency Meeting, or Session, is to take place on September 15 2019. This Session comes at a time of transition in the North New South Wales (NNSW) Conference. All members and pastors of the Conference are encouraged to pray for God's leading during this time.

For many reasons, the upcoming Session has attracted heightened interest from members and pastors across the NNSW Conference. In lead-up to the upcoming Session, a Nominating Committee has met and discussed the future of the Conference and, in particular, its leadership. This Committee is chaired by Australian Union Conference (AUC) President Jorge Munoz. However, the unexpected outcomes of this Committee, the manner in which it has been chaired, and the clear breach of policy and protocols have sparked great concern and unrest amongst church members and pastors across the Conference.


With the committee voting to not return Pr Tom Evans to the position of Conference President, discussion was directed to potential replacements for the position of NNSW Conference President. It is understood from many members of the Committee that an earnest desire to call Pr Justin Lawman to the position of Conference President was expressed. Committee members shared that if Pr Lawman was asked, he would prayerfully consider accepting the position. However, Jorge Munoz immediately interjected and opposed this suggestion, labelling Pr Justin Lawman as ‘unethical’ and ‘dishonest’. He then continued his personal attack, and immediately before bringing the motion to a vote, said that anyone on the Committee who voted for Pr Justin Lawman’s return would have ‘blood on their hands’. These facts are confirmed in Pr David Asscherick's letter that is downloadable on this website.

On August 23 2015, North New South Wales (NNSW) Conference delegates returned Conference Officers to their leadership positions in an unmistakable display of support. Pr Justin Lawman (President) was re-elected by 97+% of the constituency at Session – an overwhelming majority that signalled tremendous support for his leadership. This was the last NNSW Conference Constituency Meeting, or Session. 


This website seeks to express the voice of a large number of NNSW Conference members, pastors, and administrators in preparation for Session 2019. This website has in no way been solicited by any NNSW Conference employee, Justin Lawman or David Asscherick. This website seeks only to inform the wider Conference in preparation for Session 2019, not to lobby for any individual or group.

Download David Asscherick's letter

David Asscherick's Letter (pdf)



In 2015, after being publicly criticised in The Australian - a national newspaper - for mishandling a child sexual abuse case at Brisbane Adventist College, Jorge Munoz stated that, 'This is a time to learn and to improve. I encourage church members to keep praying at this time, and for God to give us a boldness like never before to make sure we have good processes and procedures in place, and that we follow and implement them well.' Many members are wanting to encourage Jorge Munoz to consider his own words and lead in a Christ-like manner as the AUC President. Because of a string of other unresolved matters that have recently shone a light on the AUC mismanaging major issues (including a significant financial fraud that was first reported in 2014 to the AUC, and still remains unresolved), many have labelled current AUC leadership as 'unethical' and even 'corrupt'.


procedural concerns

'Any church or conference/mission officer or leader attempting to control the votes of a group of delegates would be considered disqualified from holding office.'

Church Manual, page 114-115

'The Chair shall extend to every person whose position is being reviewed, including Executive Committee members, the right of reply to the Nominating Committee in the event of questions arising relating to areas of specific concern.'

NNSW Conference Constituency Meeting and Election Procedures, 8.8

North new south wales healthiest in the world

Both the Adventist church's official news outlet, 'The Record', and the NNSW Conference's website, have reported that according to recent Natural Church Development (NCD) results, the NNSW Conference is 'the healthiest in the world.'

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Amazingly, baptisms in the NNSW Conference for 2018 reached a level not seen since 1979. Many are asking, if the NNSW Conference is measurably healthier and growing in baptisms, why is there such a need for sweeping leadership changes?

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