Have your say

To let your voice be heard, get in contact with your church's Session 2019 delegates. Another way to overcome efforts to silence members' voices and suppress an open exchange of ideas is to attend the upcoming 'Town Hall Meetings', scheduled to be held across the Conference. 

In preparation for Session 2019, 'Town Hall Meetings' will be held in 8 locations across the Conference; all church members are strongly encouraged to attend. All meetings start at 7pm. Below are the details:

Gosford                                    July 29                 

Avondale Memorial          July 30                 

Wallsend                                 July 31                 

Port Macquarie                   August 1             

Lismore                                    August 4             

Kingscliff                                 August 5            

Armidale                                 August 6             

Gunnedah                              August 7      


Many pastors and members continue to express a sincere desire to re-elect Pr Justin Lawman as NNSW Conference President. This sentiment is widely supported throughout the Conference and should be discussed at the upcoming Session. 

It is important that church members continue to pray for the future of the NNSW Conference. Now, perhaps more than ever, God's guidance and direction is needed to lead this Conference to make Spirit-led decisions at the upcoming Session. The future of our Conference and the communities we seek to reach depend on it. 

God Bless,